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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Swiping string and balloon

 Click image to enlarge!
This is all my photography and Photoshop work. The bird is a Raven

String pull flower
Tempera on photo paper A4

Balloon flowers
String pull flower
Tempera on photo paper A4

This is the balloon in work, would not be surprised if this is your favorite as it is mine. 

© NF Photo 200813

Rains theme this week is Swipe! So, I thought I´d have some fun with working on the photo papers and tempera color. I´m reluctant to buy more canvases as they are overflowing my apartment, collecting dust! The paper sits fine in a file and is quite fun to work with.

Hope everyone is fine. It is HOT over here so I probably stay indoors today. 😓

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  1. What great artistic work you've done. I am fascinated by it and with the balloon but also the first picture is great !!
    Have a nice day, hug Elke

  2. Monica,

    Very cool! I like the string pulled painting. I somehow stumbled on this technique about a month ago and found it totally intriguing. I'd love to do it but that requires having painting supplies on hand which I don't, so this will have to wait. The balloon is fascinating. Did the paint dry as seen in the picture or did it trickle on down the balloon? I like the mesh of colors swiped together. :) Stay safe, be well, and have a paintastic day, dearie!

    Curious as a Cathy

    1. The paint was still wet. I could not keep the balloon as it looses the air. That is why I took a shot of it when holding it.

  3. Love the raven and the balloon art. How fun! Have a great day!

  4. Wow, what an interesting technique and the results are pretty amazing. I am guessing it is not as easy as you make it look, but what an awesome idea :) We had a major storm here last week ... it was called an inland typhoon. It blew through here in just a few minutes but the damage was surprising. The good news is that our temperatures have cooled down a bit since. And, I hear you when you say you have stacks of canvases around the house ... only mine are art paper tablets, Ha! The price of loving to be artistic, I presume :) Stay well, Monica ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  5. Gorgeous responses Monica
    Happy Thursday


  6. Very nicely done Monica. The balloon flowers are wonderful.

  7. Love your first collage art! And great job with the string pull too- I must try it:) Happy PPF!

  8. You've got some interesting techniques there Monica

  9. Great effects with the string pull - I think my favourite is the white flower - so delicate and simple, yet so lovely. Happy PPF!
    Alison x

  10. Burst of colors and creativity. A visual treat.

  11. Hi Monica :)) I really love your balloon flowers, those are so cool, the colours really work well together! And your string pull flowers is gorgeous! I stopped buying canvas a long time ago for the same reason as you lol! Now at the new house, I have to find spots to hang my art, we don't have as much wall space as before. It's really hot here too, but at least the evenings are cooling off!


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