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Thursday, July 2, 2020

Bits and pieces on a plate

 Click image to enlarge!
Life is Beautiful!
Rains  theme for today is to Try a different medium. Well, this is pieces of wood from canvases I did not use. They have "collected" dust for a while. I have some plastic plates and placed them out on one. They became a barn and a fence. Then I painted the plate with black, green and silver Tempera color. Finding the deer and the message stickers completed the plate. 

Dark forest
Watercolor on A4 paper

The swan


The Swan and Meadow is as you can see digital art from my photos. Both are made from 2 images each using  Photoshop and Topaz

© NF Photo 200702 

We had a very hot week but yesterday the rain finally cooled us down a bit. And saved us a little from fire hazards. Hope everyone is safe and sound!

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  1. What a great fantastic idea the first picture is with the pieces of wood and the plate. It looks great!
    But also your others the forest watercolor and the digital works. Everything fits well with Rain's topic!
    Greetings Elke

  2. I absolutely adore your art this week, Monica. Combining the photos turned out great, but I really LOVED the wood pieces on the plate. It sure fit Rain's theme well. Lucky that you found the deer, too. It's a real beauty.

  3. Well done Monica. The wood on the plate, what a great idea. I love the other pieces too.

  4. Wow, where do I begin. Your barn, fence and deer seemed to come out of nowhere and became a beautiful (very small) mural. This was cleverness unleashed :) I love your dark forest. It leaves to our imagination all that might be roaming in there and still maintains it's own beauty. And of course I appreciate your digital portraits as digital art is one of my favorite things to do. Awesome, my friend ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  5. beautiful art, and that swan piece is stunning! Happy PPF!

  6. Buenas noches, Mónica. Es sorprendente lo activa que eres creando arte en diferentes modalidades, por ejemplo, hoy es la primera vez que te veo hacer algo con maderas y un plato de plástico, un trabajo para mi, más bien de manualidades pero, como haces las cosas tan bonitas y con tanto gusto, lo conviertes en algo artístico, y puede que alguien pueda pensar que eso no es arte, pero para mi si lo es. Así, que sigue dándole riendas sueltas a tu imaginación, porque los resultados merecen la pena.
    Buen fin de semana.

    1. Good night, Monica. It is surprising how active you are creating art in different modalities, for example, today is the first time that I see you doing something with wood and a plastic plate, a job for me, rather of crafts but, as you do such beautiful things And with so much pleasure, you turn it into something artistic, and someone may think that this is not art, but for me it is. So, keep giving free rein to your imagination, because the results are worth it.
      Good weekend.

  7. wow! Loved how you worked with that wood piece. The overall effect is so wonderful. The trees in the forest look like they are swaying to some music.

  8. Hi Monica :)) Your barn piece is really nice. I love anything barn-related! Oh, I have a few dust collections myself lol. I also have a dead bug collection on the windshield of my car lol...not quite art if you ask me. :) Your watercolour trees are wonderful. Your swan is kind of ghostly, I really like it!! That would have worked for next week's theme for the fairy tale "The Ugly Duckling"!!


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