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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Two colors

 Click image to enlarge!

Rains theme for today is Two colors. Suited me fine as there was something I had thought of doing. 

A4 watercolor paper painted with coffee and Burnt Sienna watercolor. At first I planned to use Burnt umber to finish off. But I changed my mind when I saw it as it was. Sometimes less is more. 

 Yellow Waterfall
Watercolor on A5 CarbOn paper. No water added.

 Pink coral!
This was a failure I had "collecting dust".  Waiting for ideas. It was painted with the blue tempera but scraped of  in the center.
I put dots of glue here and there to create corals and filled them with pink glitter. When it dried I decided to paint some fish as well to give it "life".

Hm, strange, no photoart today.  😀

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  1. These are all beautiful pictures. They all have a great expression in their own way! The yellow waterfall appeals to me a lot because of the colors and black, fits together great.beautiful shell creation!
    Have a beautiful day, Elke

  2. You have given us some beautiful examples of your art. I like all of them, but my favorite might be Wind. I can almost feel the energy and movement there.

  3. Isn't it wonderful how much variation you can create with just two colours?! I love the coffee and Burnt Sienna one - the brushstrokes have such energy and movement. Happy PPF!
    Alison x

  4. Wow - just wonderful! Love the coffee! Does it count when I put my brush in the coffee by mistake instead of the water? Love the flow of the waterfall.

  5. Really wonderful pieces. That first one reminds me of wheat.

  6. Fab art - I especially like the movement and feel in the first one. happy PPF!

  7. Nice little birds you have with your yellow waterfall.
    PPF and Coffee is on

  8. I agree that there are times when less is more and you found one ... it's that good eye that you have. I love the waterfall and the trees, birds and grasses ...in the eye of the beholder. Once again simplicity wins. I also love your coral, but especially your subtle fish. Great job today, Monica :) Be well ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  9. These are so lovely! I do love the wispyness of the first one.


  10. Hi Monica :) I love how you incorporate coffee in your work. The Wind piece is beautiful, I love how it moves! Actually there is a lot of movement in all of your pieces! The waterfall is wonderful, I love the yellow splashes! Love the pink coral too! Great post!


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