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Thursday, July 9, 2020

The little Mermaid and other things

 Click image to enlarge!
The little Mermaid
A few months ago I played around with dropping color in water and photograph it. I had the sticker of the mermaid and a photo of the little dolphin. Combined the underwaterworld in Photoshop

The little Mermaid
A shot of one of my pours, 40x40. I added some mermaids and fish to create a digital underwaterworld.

This is "memory lane". We call them "Book marks" but I think the English might be "Printed scrapes" Most of them was my mothers so they are about 100 years old. You can recognize "Cinderella", "Snow White", "The Frog prince". "The wild swans". The last one might be "Nils Holgersson" a Swedish tale by Selma Lagerlöf.

The scrapes are 6x8 cm each placed on A4 paper.

If this was Dinosaur´s instead of deer´s this might be a forest from the Triassic period.
I photographed ferns from below and the deer is actually a winter shot with a large tree.
Combined the two images and Voila, a fantasy forest.

© NF Photo Art 200709 

Hope everyone is safe. Sun is shining today but it is chilly. We have desert, winter and rain periods all in the same week.

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  1. I love the fairies. I think I remember you sharing those before. They look so great over the paint pour. I also think your Fantasy Forest is incredible. You are so good at doing digital. But those vintage images of fairy tales were incredible. The scenes were so unique and vintage, you can't help but be drawn in by their colorful beauty.

  2. Cute your mermaid, I love her and I used to read the book too. I like your work with the colors in the water. It looks beautiful in these shapes.
    I also had the book marks, which were collected diligently.
    Today she plays again.
    Your jungle is cool, yes I imagine the dinosaurs pounding on the floor with their heavy weight. You did all of that for the rain theme!
    Greetings Elke

  3. I always loved the Little Mermaid, nice fairy tale post!

  4. Luv the lil mermaid response best of the lot. Happy Thursday Monica


  5. The first piece is magical Monika, lovely how the light seems to hover over the surface of the water. Your mermaid family look happy discovering little treasures around them. Happy PPF Tracey x

  6. Magical mermaid paintings, and I just adore the woodland one - I'd love to wander in to that scene and vanish.
    Alison x

  7. Wow- loving the mermaids. And the woodland scene is stunning. Your works are so creative.

  8. I like the first one - not quite sure what she is reaching out for but the colors are very dreamy.

    Have a lovely day.

  9. I love the way you experiment and the results of your water worlds are awesome. As for your digital art, I can see faces in your tree as often happens when you create digitally ... do you see them? My news says that your country is experiencing a rise in C19 cases ... I hope you are being very careful :) Be well Monica ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

    1. no worries. There was an outbreak up north where they still was spared. But they were prepared for an outbreak so they had all they needed to take care of the sick and not be overwhelmed by it.

  10. I love how you combine several art styles and mediums to create such wonderful art! How very cool that you have these special fairy tale cards that belonged to your mother- they look to be in excellent condition. Happy PPF!

  11. Cool to see mixing and merging of techniques! Loved the pour and the mermaid! Those "memory lanes" are stupendous! 100 years old, that's SOMETHING!!
    Happy PPF!

  12. Ohhh this is perfect for the theme. Lovely art indeed.

  13. Hi Monica :)) I love the art pieces you created. What a fun idea to drop colour into water for photos, again, I must steal this idea from you lol! :) Your mermaid pour is awesome. I love those acrylic pours, I haven't had time to try another one, but yours is very inspiring. Your bookmarks are fabulous, that's a piece of history right there! What fun to have them! I love your fantasy forest too, I can imagine dinosaurs there lol! Great post! :)

  14. Hi, loved the integration of technology with art. It's magic.👼

  15. Lovely edits, especially the last one! To me it looks enchanting - even more than the mermaid.
    Greetings from Sri Lanka!

  16. A pesar de reconocer tu buen trabajo, hoy, me quedo con esas estampas de tu madre, que para mi son una joya. Tu ya sabes lo que valoro y lo que me gustan a mi las cosas antiguas.
    Un cordial saludo, y que tengas un buen día, Mónica.


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