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Thursday, March 12, 2020

What about LUCK

 Click image to enlarge!

I was lucky to find those images of the rainbow bowl When looking for Rainbow luck..
I inherited it from my grandmother and now my daughter has it in her country house.

I also found this feather that I had completely forgot about. This is a photo. In a few days a year it is possible to get a rainbow from a vase filled with water in my living room window. I placed the feather in the rainbow and photographed it. 

This is also a shot I forgot about. This is a spiders net glowing in the low sunlight. The colors are only slightly enhanced.

I call this one "Coffee break" as the "stains" are coffee. 
Just wanted to see what it would look like on watercolor paper A5.

 Coffee break landscape.
Continuing on the one above.
This is a test of how the watercolor in tube behaves.

 This is a watercolor background that was supposed to be the Bird lake I shared earlier.
But I like it as it is so I kept it. Watercolor on A4 paper
© NF Photo 200312

Yes, what about LUCK, we could really use some these days. In Sweden we had the first death of CORONA yesterday. And first set of restrictions. So, many events and meetings are cancelled.
So, we are LUCKY to have the net where we can meet without infecting each other.
Except for artsy ideas of course.

Wishing you all a great week and....stay healthy!

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  1. Monica,

    I'd love to find a pot of gold! :) I almost thought about sketching my own. Great job!

  2. I love how you took the feather to the rainbow to capture this shot ~ Beautiful! Stay well ~

  3. Your moments of happiness are so beautiful dun touch me, the lucky pot you passed on or the lucky feather in the rainbow light, * wow * the spider web and your painted imaginative pictures as well. Fascinating your posting about happiness!
    Have a lucky day, Elke

  4. Lovely art, now I want a rainbow bowl!

  5. The rainbow in the bowl is incredible. You manage to take the most incredible and magical photos. Sheer beauty in the feather and that spider web, too.

    We are also feeling the pain of the pandemic. I'm really worried for some of my friends. I am also glad we can interact over the internet and not feel so horribly isolated. Great thoughts and beautiful photos, as usual, dear.

  6. The feather to the rainbow is like double luck.. fabulous and creative thinking.
    Yes we all need luck on our side right now. My Daughter who now lives in Sweden was due to come home to visit in the next few days, I now fear for her travelling.
    Sending good health & creative wishes your way Tracey xx

    1. and my son in law lives in England :) Travelling will be hard these days. :(

  7. Lovely creations, really like the coffee cretaions.

  8. Love your pictures especially the feather in the rainbow ... so creative. Sorry that the virus is reaching you as well. We have an idiot for a president so we are in deep trouble here. We are going to see the worst of the virus, I am sure, because he has denied and now that he accepts the existence of the virus, he doesn't have that slightest idea what to do about it and delegates to people who don't know what to do. It is scary and luck is something we need, but more, we need good minds to take over the government .... uggghhh!!! So Thank you for this moment of peace and beauty, Monica ... I will carry it with me to remind me to of the good that still exists in the world.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  9. Love the spider web-so beautiful.

  10. oh what fabulous digital art!!! Beautiful watercolors too Monica. Happy PPF!

  11. Fabulous art Monica. Happy weekend


  12. Wow Monica there are some exciting pieces here today. That feather and web are outstanding. Have a great weekend.

  13. Hi Monica :)) I love your coffee art! Very creative! The photos are beautiful, but that feather photo is BRILLIANT. Stay healthy! :)

  14. Hello Monica,
    very kreativ and awesome digital work. The pictures with the feather are my favorits.
    Have an nice Tuesday,
    greetings moni

  15. I love your rainbows but that spider web is just magnificent!! I'm glad you left a link on my blog :)

    Feel free to share at My Corner of the World

  16. Wow, what a great editing in digital!
    I am very happy to meet you at my "DAD", thank you for that!
    The other photos are wonderful and impressive too.
    Warm greetings from Germany


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