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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Rains and PPF

 Click image to enlarge!
We all need a hug these days, this is for you.
Photocollage of 2 images

For Rains "in like a lamb, out like a lion" challenge I choose to see two sides of the same water.
Upper and lower side of the flood lock . 2 photos collage

Gannets. .A favorite bird I happened to "pass by" in my files.

The spring has arrived even if we still has cold mornings.
Leaves budding 1 - Lövsprickning
Watercolor CARBon paper A5

Leaves budding 2 - Lövsprickning
Watercolor CARBon paper A4

My test pad for painting  also suitable for Rains this week I think as there are flowers, trees, ghosts and even a spider. The size of the pad is A4
This is a pad I designed for SCANIA heavy truck drivers when I was still working at the design department. I was allowed to bring it home with me when I was retired.

© NF Photo 200326

Take care, stay safe and let the art flow.

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  1. This pad is very nice and this posting. Thank you that everyone needs during this difficult time!
    Greeting Elke

  2. I love your hugging swan ... you are right we could all use a hug in a time when distance between two people is the rule. Your spring pictures are lovely and your test pad ... well what can I say. They obviously thought highly of you and your art is always exemplary. Stay safe my friend ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  3. Wow I am sending elbow hugs to everyone. Your art is so beautiful.

  4. Beautiful art-thank you for the swan hug!

  5. I love the tree pictures.
    Happy PPF, stay safe and healthy xx

  6. I’m with Sirkkis, love your trees!

  7. Love your trees!! I've never seen birds like the ones you pictured!! Cool!

  8. So, so sorry to be late visiting. I am not sure which I like more, your photos or those trees you drew. You are VERY talented in everything you do, dear Monica.

  9. lovely photo art- and your watercolors are beautiful!

  10. Lovely pieces all. Happy weekend. Stay healthy


  11. Nice pictures with all the green leaves. - Margy

  12. Hi Monica :)) I really like your last painting a lot! And your two watercolours are beautiful, I love that you worked with black paper. I have some too but have never tried watercolour on them! Lovely photos and a great take to the theme with the flood lock! I just heard the geese this morning, spring has arrived here much earlier than usual and I'm so pleased. And thank you, I'll take a hug! :)

  13. beautiful paintings my friend!

    budding leaves are magical ,first one is also captivating ,awesome job!
    here to wish you all the best my friend
    stay healthy and keep taking good care!

  14. Thank you for the beauty and for the virtual hug! We need both so much right now. Be well!

  15. Hi there! Love the photos and your watercolor pieces are just stunning.


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