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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Light and dark for Rains

 Click image to enlarge!
A  little light in the dark
View from my balcony

Below are the same image in diffeerent Photoshop edits


Artful filter

Artful filter
© NF Photo 200319

Hope everyone has a little light today. We need it.

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  1. Beautiful scenes.
    Happy isolation!:)

  2. Monica,

    The sky is an excellent source of both light and dark. Nice job! :) Be healthy and well, my friend!

  3. these are beautiful scenes from the nature of light and dark!!!
    all the best and stay healthy!
    Greetings Elke

  4. Beautiful pictures ~ keep finding the light!

  5. Beautiful focus on light and dark!

  6. Hi Monica :)) Your sky photo is great!!! And I love the first art filter, so cool! Thanks so much for joining in !! :)

  7. This is beautiful. I love how you altered it in PS. It's a genuine beauty and so well done in all forms.

  8. Wow Monica this is just amazing. You are so talented.

  9. Wow, is that water close to your house ... it looks like it is moving fast ... maybe a little scary? The picture and what you did with it is awesome. We actually have sunshine today ... it does lift our spirits even though we can't get out to enjoy it very much. Actually, I can walk outside as long as no one else is out there ... I have been walking the dog. It used to be a chore, now it is something I look forward to. Amazing how a little virus can reek so much havoc! Hope you are well and are being safe ...

    Andrea @ Form the Sol

  10. Hi interesting that you would ask about my Uganda Lady ... she was an accident actually :) I started out to make a flower with a lace pattern from Google images ... got bored with that and moved the petal into an elongated shape and noticed what looked like lips at the base ... So using PS smudge tool I made a neck then superimposed the eye (also from Google Images). I certainly didn't realize I was going to end up with her, but was happy with the outcome :)



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