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Friday, March 20, 2020

A weird world art and virus

 Click image to enlarge!
A marsh or wetland tilted and manipulated in Photoshop.
A path I often walk when it is not too much water.

 A fantasy landscape in watercolor. A4 aquarelle paper

Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone,  in watercolor. A4 aquarelle paper
Inspired by an image I have on a bag I bought in Yellowstone. 
© NF Photo 200320

I think I start to understand how watercolor works, when to use "wet on wet" or dry painting. Don´t really like that the paper has to dry every now and then, kind of disrupts the workflow. And I have to remember to finish with Fixative.

I hope all is fit and well. I am, kind of stubborn. They say 70+ shall remain indoors being cared for, but I need my exercise so I still walk the forest to see nature and animals. And, btw, I am the least ill person in my family. So, I will probably take care of the others so, lock myself up in my apartment, politicians can forget about that. But I don´t take unnecessary risks.

Stay well, there are at least 2 good things in all this. We can still meet online, and....space images show our world is cleaning up. What politics could not do about climate change, a tiny virus does.

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  1. How amazing by just turning that first forest photo slightly it changes it's whole dynamics, incredible! I could look at that all day long discovering little things within the reflections in the water. It's good to know you are keeping well Stay safe, strong & creative. Happy PPF Tracey x

  2. Love the photo,very dramatic. Lovely watercolours.

  3. The photo is lovely. Watercolors are exasperating but so beautiful too. Your paintings are lovely as well. Stay well.

  4. I love your tilted photo, so interesting and lovely. I, as well, am 70+++ (lol) and I have not stopped my outdoor walking. Thankfully, I can do it without others around. I was not an internet/computer fan, now it feels necessary and is a good thing. Be safe in those woods, and stay well!

  5. painted so beautiful!!!
    Greetings Elke

  6. fabulous art Monica. That first one is a stunner!

  7. Your forest photo is amazing! Love how you turned it for such a dramatic result! Lovely paintings, too!

  8. The yellow pops in "Grand Prismatic Spring" luv it

    Have a safe healthy weekend


  9. These are simply gorgeous. Yes, watercolor is a different medium and I have trouble with it. We are well here. Staying inside, not teaching classes and not inviting people over. We have a very large back yard so we are spending time there to get sunshine and fresh air. You be well and safe.

  10. It can be frustrating for sure, waiting for areas of watercolor to dry, but I love the unexpected surprises you sometimes get! Happy PPF!

  11. Hello Monica,
    the first picture is great art, a wonderful scenery.
    Have a nice Sunday and stay healthy,
    warm greetings moni

  12. Hello, I love these scenes and artwork. The Grand Prismatic Spring brings back memories of my Yellowstone trip! The tilted marsh is a favorite too. Well done! Take care! Enjoy your day, wishing you a great new week!

  13. Beautiful colors. I too saw a picture from China ..their first blue skies in years .


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