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Friday, March 1, 2019

Nature Yarn and Eggshell

 Click image to enlarge!
This is a photo of the stone wall around a graveyard. The outer stone has fallen off and reveal the patten of concrete.  I always check this wall when I´m passing by. Lots of beautiful spots.

This is a photo of a half rotten, fallen tree trunk. Love the colors and pattern. 

I saw something on Youtube that inspired me to create this one. It is a canvas wrapped with yarn and covered with Heavy Gel Medium colored with Tempera.

This is a disposable plate covered with Heavy gel medium and pieces of eggshell :) In this image it is not yet dry.

© NF Photo 190301 

The artist that inspired me for these two used some kind of tiny pearls to create 3D pattens. As I don´t have something like that I used a cleaned eggshell. I can´t find anything in Sweden that resembles what she used. The artist did not clearly mention it. If you have any idea I would be happy to learn.

Wishing everyone a nice weekend. Sun is shining today so it is promising. :)

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  1. Estimada Mónica, visto está, que tu creatividad no tiene límites, por lo que nunca dejas de sorprenderme.

  2. Magnificent nature art.
    Happy PPF ☺

  3. Stunning art, each and every one is unique and stands on its own merit!!!

    Happy PPF~

  4. So much incredible texture in you gel plate! Happy PPF.

  5. That disposable plate covered in heavy gel medium makes me want to dip my fingers right in it!! Delicious.. So many wonderful tutorials to discover online.
    Thank you for sharing & Happy PPF Tracey

  6. Luv the tree trunk

    Happy PPF


  7. Very nicely done. Egg shell art can be very dramatic. I love that you are trying so many different mediums.

  8. incredible...
    thank you for sharing.
    have a great day

  9. Really interesting techniques! Love the texture.


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