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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

The bell

 Click image to enlarge!
Cranes passing Fuji
For Our Midweek muse   Inspired by Japan

Ingemar, born 1925
He is my father, but he is no longer with us. 

Before he passed away he gave me this bell. He said that when he was a toddler my grandmother, Ingrid, did hang it around his neck. They lived on a farm and that was her way to know where he was. 
The sound of this bell is wonderful. Strong, yet brittle.

Ingrid, my grandmother. 

For TAD theme Bell


This weeks art. It is a small canvas. 12x18 cm Tempera paint and a   bit small pieces of coal and a little glitter. 

© NF Photo 221130


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  1. oh wow! i love the japan piece which is what led me here, and i also love the memory of your father and grandmother and the sweet bell. how very lovely. and the canvas, too, what an excellent post today! xo

  2. Oh what a brilliant idea to put a bell around the neck of the little boys (who, after all, are forever into mischief) and what an awesome bell for the prompt. I can see a resemblance between you and your Grandmother ... very attractive. Too bad your Grandmother didn't have your awesome hat to wear :) Love the artwork ... simple but dramatic. I detect texture on the page ... is that the canvas or did you add it digitally? Anyway, lovely post ... enjoyed meeting some of your family.

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  3. Great photos of your grandmother. Have a wonderful day today.

  4. Wonderful cranes passing Fuji! I love it!
    And all the other posts too. It's a very beautiful tribute to your ascendance!

  5. Your Japanese picture of Mt. Fuji is gorgeous, so quiet and elegant. I loved your story about your Father and Grandmother and the bell. I enjoy so much stories of the past and the lives of out ancestors. A beautiful post.

  6. I love the Mt. Fuji piece, and also the bell story. And it wonderful you still have the bell. Happy December.

  7. Thank you Monica for sharing with FFO. You always have such wonderful art to show.

  8. How nice you page homage to both your grandparents today. What a cute story about the bell, too.

  9. Your cranes are beautiful Monica, and I love seeing the old photos! ♥


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