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Thursday, November 17, 2022

November art

 Click image to enlarge!
Fallow deer restaurant!
  Art Journal    Critter crazy

Cones for the bullfinch couple   
  Art Journal  Critter crazy

Rain on TADs want´s Cup this week. 
It was quite fun to distort them. 

Nature fall items on a vintage paper
I thought the colors of fall fitted together. 

Finish off with a piece of rusty metall!

This morning was the first day I noticed it was almost freezing temperature. So when I go out today it will be fresh and lovely to breath. And I would not mind the slippery mud to get frozen. 
And, maybe a little snow?? To brighten up the dark days. Some snowflakes would keep me busy for a while. 

© NF Photo 221116 

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  1. Wonderful art Monica. I love those distorted cups and saucers.

  2. Luv the photo art cups. Happy Thursday Monica


  3. Wow great post. I love the cups.

  4. Love your art, Monica, and the distorted cups are fabulous. Valerie

  5. I love the collages you show here Monica. Cool cups, and I like those leaves. The background to them is great. Thanks for sharing them with us at AJJ for Bleubeard's and Elizabeth's challenge. I hope you get some snow. We had some yesterday. hugs-Erika

  6. Wonderful the Collage and lovely pages!Hugs Elke

  7. Your cups are very very cool Monica, very surreal, love them! And the deer menu lol...that's great!!! ☺

  8. You know I love the deer and they have impressive racks in your picture. So are they running to the restaurant to eat or from the restaurant to not be eaten? Your Bull Finch are beautiful. They are not a bird we have around here so that is a treat. Love your distorted orange cups ... great digital art. I love fall colors, but my favorite colors are Blues and greens. Your rusty metal gives the impression of being snow flakes in a blue sky. We have had snow already, but nothing that sticks. It was 15 degrees this morning when I got up, so I am thinking that winter is officially here ... ugh, to the cold, though I love the beautiful snow and the fresh cold air to breath. Another beautiful post, Monica ... Be well :)

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  9. Sorry to be late visiting. I've been very sick and have mostly stayed in bed. I am SO impressed with all of these entries and the Fallow Deer Restaurant is wonderful. Thanks for sharing all these lovely pieces with us at Art Journal Journey using Bleubeard's and my theme.


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