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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

We´re coming

 Click image to enlarge!
We´re coming

Created using three of my photos and some digital light effects.
2 photos of  Fallow deers and one of the skateboard track in my city. 

© NF Photo 220927

I´m adding the work below to this post. 
For TAG tuesday Book pages and hair for TADD

Acrylic Fluid Fun
art on white board 25x35 cm

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  1. YOu did a great job combining these 3 images. I like the final effect Monica. Thanks so much for sharing this with us at AJJ for Neet's challenge. I hope all is well. hugs-Erika

  2. How clever is that! A lovely combination of the skateboard and the Fallow Deer running. I thought it was a snow scene. I especially like the stag and the effect around him. Thanks for another great composition for the theme at Art Journal Journey.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  3. A great Tag for our challenge over at Tag Tuesday. Thank you so much for joining us.x

  4. Wow Monica all of these are so beautiful.

  5. Lots of beaautiful art, Monica! Thanks for joiing us at tag Tuesday!

  6. Some nice ones. Happy Thursday


  7. these are all beautifully creative. thanks for linking to tag tuesday! xo

  8. Your projects are amazing Monica and I especially like that tag! Wow it is super cool! Thanks for playing along at Tag Tuesday this week!

  9. That Acrylic Fluid piece does look fun. It make me think of animals chasing one another round and round but that's nonsense. I do like the indigo colors.

    Have a lovely day.

  10. I'm not even sure if you will see this comment because I am SO far behind. I really love the deer and that skatepark looks like a mountain of snow. This is a fabulous entry for Neet's theme at Art Journal Journey.

  11. Awesome deer picture, Monica ... could apply to people as well as they all seem to clamor to blindly follow an insane leader. The child and the butterfly in the book ... superb. So cute and well done. As for the Acrylic fluid fun ... faces, faces, and more faces. And, it could pass for someone's hair when they first got up in the morning :)
    Another great post, Monica ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  12. The book take is precious, Monica! I thought the deer were running past a clay mound. You are so clever at working with different media. I love your acrylic fluid fun. Right now Terry and I are in Las Vegas, so I am late visiting around. Accessing the internet can be a challenge. We just checked into the D this afternoon, and I was failing at getting online. The hotel sent me an IT tech to sort out my difficulties. I was truly impressed with the service. Have a happy and creative week! Take care!


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