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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Pyramid and critter Journal

 Click image to enlarge!
A pyramid for 

How about lunch??

Painted background with acrylics on A4 paper with the Photo of horses heads glued on. Added the butterfly diecuts  and finished off with some digital grass and text. 
For AJJ Fur and feathers and Critter Crazy

Andrea wanted to know how I created the black cat. 
I turned the original photo to black and white. Increased the contrast to make the background black. then I have a filter that increse the white with glowing edges. 
Also for Critter Crazy

Siluett of a ballerina!

© NF Photo 220914

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  1. Gorgeous pyramid and I really like all your animals...great post. Welcome to OMM.

  2. A gorgeous back cloth to your two beautiful horses. What magnificent animals they are. I love how you have used your paints and in similar shades to that of the horses coats. Thank you for sharing this with us at Art Journal Journey.
    Thanks also for the photographs and the beautiful pyramid you open with today.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  3. Your pyramid is exceptionally creative art. I love it.

  4. Excellent and mysterious pyramide Monica!
    And I love the effects you applied to this beautiful cat.
    Bravo! And welcome to Our Muse.

  5. Wow some exciting pieces. Happy Thursday Monica


  6. Beautiful art, as always. I LOve the blue pyramid! And the piece you made for AJJ is lovely, too, thanks so much for joining us there!

  7. Wonderful post I love the silhouettes. Hope to see you tomorrow for FFO.

  8. Great post Monica. I love the art. And that kitty is perfect for Neet’s challenge. Thanks for joining us at AJJ. Hugs Erika

  9. Well I am killing two birds with one stone today :) I checked out your Friday Face off and I like your delicious faces but the Avocet is exquisite. As for this page ...Your pyramid and horses are awesome. Thank you for showing me your process on the cat. Where is the filter that glows? I don't think I have that on my photoshop. I am really due to update with Adobe. I love your silhouette ... a ballerina is amazing in what she can do and you captured it nicely here. Are you getting fall colors yet? I am fairly certain you live north of where I live and our's have started. I really love the fall weather and the beautiful colors. Stay well, my friend :)

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  10. Absolutely stunning horses, Monica. As much as I adore that cat, those horses are out of this world beautiful. Thank you for sharing this impressive entry with us using Neet's theme at Art Journal Journey.


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