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Thursday, September 9, 2021

Some Minimal others not

 Click image to enlarge!
Minimalism för TAD this week. My photo altered in PS.

This is the next step of a paper art background I made last week. The same as for the image below!
The butterflies are plastic cut outs. 
Tempera and stickers on A4 watercolor paper.


Coffee Monkey, Thinking
I was pooring coffe on a A4 watercolor paper and named it The path. Then I happend to turn it 90 deg and it was a monkey! So, coffee monkey it is! 

I made this as a TAG. The leaf is glued to the paper but the tiles are just placed and photographed. Tiles are too heavy to glue on something.  Then created a new background in PS. 
And, used the leaf for Rains promt. The top image! 😁

© NF Photo 210909

Take care everyone! Try to have fun!

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  1. Fun art, and I laughed out loud at the coffee monkey. I didn't see it at first, and then it hit me! Havae a great day, Valerie

  2. Interesting pieces Monica. I luv the circles best of all.
    Happy Thursday


  3. Wow all of these are so beautiful but I like the first piece best.

  4. Your coffee monkey is so cool Monica! But I can't stop staring at that leaf, it's so stunning! :)

  5. Sorry I am so late visiting. I was so sick yesterday, I could barely sit up. Something I ate, I guess. I'm marginally better today, at least. Your leaf is stunning. Great use of PS. And I love the tag, too. Laughed at the Coffee Monkey. Right up my alley.

  6. Oh my gosh - the coffee monkey!! Was just drinking my coffee. I might have to try pouring instead of drinking! Love the leaf! Happy PPF!

  7. Your leaf is beautiful and very minimalist as well as the circles. Your "I AM" ... well, yes, you are :) You are getting to be like me, seeing things in your paintings that you never intended to put there ... love the monkey :) And finally the tag ... like I said before, you are the queen of unique. Your brain seems to be in constant motion ... you are blessed.

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  8. Fun artwork. I love the leaf and the monkey.
    Happy PPF!

  9. I love how creative you are with so many variations in your style. that leaf is fab!! Happy PPF!

  10. Great art and I just love the monkey.

  11. That coffee monkey is amazing, Monica! It really looks like a monkey. My favorite piece is that striking maple leaf. Have a happy and relaxing weekend.

  12. I really like paint and printing with coffee, it not only looks good but smells amazing too.. Great expressive artwork Happy PPF Tracey x

  13. Actually I did comment on last weeks post, but maybe I didn't publish is correctly ... sorry. What I remember saying is that I loved the lady's face on the board ... unique I called it (and as You recall, I have dubbed you the queen of unique :). Of course I loved your bird painting and your adorable hummers (what kind of hummingbirds are they ... They are very different than the ones we have here. And lastly I said how much I loved the child finding the butterfly ... that one pulls on my heart strings :) All in all, it was a wonderful post, Monica ... so sorry I messed up my comment.

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  14. LOL! The coffee monkey is good :)

    All the best Jan

  15. Hello,
    Painting with coffee, that is interesting. Love the leaf and the butterfly, very pretty! Take care, have a happy new week!


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