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Thursday, March 18, 2021

Northern light and Diagonal

 Click image to enlarge!
Die cuts!
I visited a second hand store this week and found a lot of what I think is called Die cuts. Lots of cuts and figures in the packages. Among them the horse and wagon I used for my Cinderella paintings 2 years ago. As the shop where I bought them no longer exists I had no way to buy more. So, these followed me home. Took me a few hours to sort them out to see what I can use. The pieces I know I will not use I took back to the store. There were tons of stars and hearts. 💗 They can sell them once more. It is for sharity. 

For Rains theme Diagonal this week I thought of these die cuts! I had already created the blue background, tempera color on A4 paper. As it looks like water I thought about the cut´s as fish! 

Black and blue background. Tempera on A4 paper. As I had a lot of color on the paper I decided to make it two backgrounds. The diagonal, 😀, patterns comes from the fact I put another paper above this one and flipped it sideways. I used this one for the Aurora below. I have long thought of trying to paint Nothern Light. And, as I always think of Cinderella as Aurora It came in handy. The diecuts are also painted.  Swedish name is Askungen/ "The ash kid"


Cars a rainy day.
Just had some fun with a photo this week. 

I hope everyone is safe. Sun is shining today so I will be outdoors most of the day. 
Take care!

© NF Photo 210318

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  1. *wow* There are so many great punchings included, great!
    Your fish picture goes well with Rain's theme.
    the fairy tale picture with the paint is golden. With your digital world, this rainy day is also imaginative.
    I wish you a beautiful week, take care and stay healthy, Elke

  2. Love the fish piece! Blue is my favorite color and I really like to be at a lake or the sea. Or sitting by a river. Yes, I like water a lot. :) Have a nice day!

  3. You certainly got a lot of die cuts. I see loads I would use. They are stunning. So glad you were able to use some already for Rain's TAD. Those "fish" were amazing. I love them.

    I really adore your swirl in PS. It is fabulous.

  4. Bravo. Luv that diagonal ocean theme Monica


  5. Beautiful work, lovely diagonal too.

  6. This is excellent. I love the fish art. Have a very nice day today.

  7. What a great find Monica and how clever to use the die cuts that I think are to make bows as Fish, they look happy in your watery scene. Happy ppf Tracey x

  8. Beautifully done! Everything is so unique and wonder-filled when you put it together so creatively.

  9. What a great find, I have my own die cutting machine, but rarely use it now. Love all your art this week.

  10. what a lovely fine. Great painting, love how you used the diecuts. Anesha

  11. ooh look at all those die cuts!!! What a find, and how nice you are returning what you won't use. Love the art you created with some of them. And that poppy art is gorgeous! Happy PPF!

  12. I could use one of those metal fish on page for my sketch book projects. Happy PPF
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  13. Hi Monica! :) Oh your ocean diagonal is VERY clever and well done! :) Your aurora-Cinderella piece is great! The colours you chose are beautiful! :) I'm trying to be outside as much as possible too, spring has arrived here and I'm so thankful! :)


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