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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Die cuts and movement

 Click image to enlarge!

Giggling, as I was creating this post for Rains promt Motion and movement,  I went through my art-files and found a lot that might be fun to share again. Enjoy! First, old ones you might have seen. 

The Ballerina was my header for a long time. She is dancing!

 Swinging! It is spring!

The Seeeker!

The painter!

Escape! No longer trapped! 

Birch bark deer! If I had tilted it  a bit more it would have been a leap!

Acrylics "Gel printing" below!  
When I messed around with the die cuts and Geli printing I realized the cuts became quite beautiful. 

This is where the die cuts came from!

Even the home made roller came out beautiful. This is actually a tejp roller to remove hair from your clothes. Maybe I should peel away the top layer?

I like the way the roller mixes the colors!

This is all for now folks! 
I have now get selected for the C vaccin. But it seem to be quite an adventure to actually get it! It seems I can call for days before I even get an appoinment. And, always trouble with delivery of the vaccine when you hear the news. Different countries starting to become reluctant to deliver. It seem to become an ugly situation! 😭  I really hope they can solve it. 
Every nation on the planet needs vaccine!

© NF Photo 210325


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  1. OMG!!! fantastic pieces Monica. Happy Thursday


  2. This is all fantastic work and the smiley pictures are fun. Escape! No longer trapped! That are so impressive
    Oh yes, it's such a mess with us and it's still a long way from my turn. I agree with you all people need the vaccine.
    Have a good day and good luck and patience when calling , hug Elke

  3. Beautiful pieces love the dancer!

  4. Wow everything today is just gorgeous. That birch bark is beautiful. Have a very nice day.

  5. I loved them all. I remember the dancers, but had never seen the swinging, the painter, or the horse that was freed. I loved the deer. It was fabulous and I like how you created those cut outs. Great choices for this week, Monica.

  6. It's extremely uplifting to look back on our artwork, as Elizabeth I had not seen some that you display today. Your roller displays all the hard work along your painting journey, a work of art itself with all that paint. Happy TAD & PPF Tracey x

  7. Beautiful creaiton, love the one with the horse. Have a lovely weekend. Anesha x

  8. Fabulous collection of art. The paint on the roller looks like a thermal map of the world.
    Hope you get your vaccine soon.

  9. What beautiful and colorful art too! Love the ballerina one at the top. And your colorful art is happy art to me. The emojis made me smile:) Happy PPF!

  10. My 4 year old granddaughter has started taking dance classes. Love the Ballerina piece! Love the colorful roller! Gelli printing can be so much fun!

  11. This is really cool ... would never have thought of using my cat hair roller as a paint brush, Ha! You never cease to amaze me, Monica. Sorry about the vaccine issues. I was very lucky as my county was very organized and it was easy to get an appointment on line. You are right, the whole world has to be vaccinated. Now that we have some leadership in our country, there is already talk of shipping vaccines to poorer countries ... Imagine and a few month ago nobody but the very rich could get the vaccine here. What a difference an election makes :) Try going on line to schedule an appointment ... it may be easier. Good luck, I hope you get your vaccine soon.

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  12. Everything has a touch of artistic appeal, even random colors on a roller and simple bark. The horse escaping the painting is clever and unique! Of course, the whirling ballerina in a background that seems suited for hieroglyphics is super cool.

  13. Hi Monica :)) Nice movement in all of those pieces! I love the animations! They made me smile...and the escaping horse, now that is very cool, what a great optical illusion!!! Your birch bark deer is so original! Well done!! The die cuts are beautiful too, that's something I've been thinking of adding to my creative repertoire!! :) I hope you had luck getting vaccinated! No news at all about that here.


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