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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Creases mostly

 Click image to enlarge!

Rains promt for todays TAD is Creases. I checked my files and came up with three I´d like to share. 
Below is my porcelain hand as you probably seen before. 

This one carries a piece of rock and a cone with many cracks.

Cracked light!
Digially created in Photoshop

Creases in a plastic cover at the bus stop. Altered in Photoshop

The once below has creases if you want them too. 😁

Balloon flower 
Painted with tempera on a board A4 in size. 

Purple deer!
I made another backgrund in purple to use. I figured the christmas window decoration matched the colors. So, the deer "moved in". 

We have seen the first sign of spring in Sweden. I am soo glad we actually had three weeks of real winter so now spring seem perfectly timed. So, when finish this post I will head out to enjoy sun and mabe some flowers. I already seen two butterflies and the first Coltsfoot flower. 

Take care. "C" is still present!

© NF Photo 210304

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  1. Monica,

    Light and shadow causes creases in your image. And, the purple deer painting. The movement creates creases in the background. Cool perspective on this week's theme!

    Curious as a Cathy

  2. These are wonderful works with the folds and the deer looks great with the background.
    But in a hurry, it's still too cool for butterflies. I can already see spring flowers here too.
    Have fun walking in the sun with me there is a lot of fog and clouds let's see tomorrow it should come to me too.
    Greeting Elke

  3. Great interpretation of the theme! And I like how those porcelain hands show off the rock and cone!

  4. Great way to share creases. All of them meet the theme perfectly. Have a great day.

  5. Some nice creases responses
    Happy Thursday


  6. Great set of art, love your take on the theme. Anesha x

  7. It's amazing when we look around how many things have a crease, there are not many things that go untouched. Great work, love the softness of hands holding the heavy textured rock and cone.
    Happy TAD & PPF take care Tracey x

  8. So much artistic talent...I loved it all!

  9. Wonderful stroll through your beautiful page.

  10. fantastic photos of creases and light!!

  11. You have lots of creases ... in many colors and none colors. Love your little deer. Spring ... yes, we are starting to show signs of it here too. I heard the Sandhill Cranes the other day ... they are migrating back up north to their breeding grounds. A for sure sign of Spring ... But, aren't you way north of me ... and you are getting flowers? Well, the best I can do is that our snow is finally melting so maybe soon we will see some green popping up through the ground. Fun post, Monica ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  12. I love your purple deer and your balloon flower... but Monica that cracked light is just awesome!!


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