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Thursday, February 11, 2021

Film Noir and abstract happening

 Click image to enlarge!
Ingrid Bergman
I might be cheating a bit for Rains promt this week when I have an image of Ingrid Bergman, the Swedish actor in many Film Noir movies. 
I remember reading once that the reason for this kind of filming was quite obvious. It was easy and cheep to film as they did not need much props, just turn the light to a minimum. And voila, magic happens. 

My own take on Film Noir. Taken a shot of myself in a Motellroom in Yellowstone in 2017. 
My last trip abroad!

Abstract happening 1
This is created from a background, acrylic paintin A4, rather dull except from the orange color. I took it to Photoshop and added a birch photo and blended it in. 

Abstract happening 2
This is the same background as the one above. But here I went on painting. Painted the animals from stencils and more color. Still not to my liking I fetched some tools from my working days and draw the white lines and curves on it. DONE! 
Those white lines changed the look compleately!

The weather where I live is strange. It has been sunny, and no wind since the snowfall two weeks ago. The snow is still hanging on most of the trees and the forest is dotted with white snow. 
It is weird somehow.  Below is a boardwalk to a birding tower yesterday. 

Take care!

© NF Photo 210211 

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  1. Lovely work, interesting on film noir!

  2. Monica this is a wonderful post. I love your Noir tribute. Of course you are is always beautiful.

  3. Your Film Noir self-portrait rocks! "Casablanca" is my all-time favourite movie and a real Film Noir gem!

  4. Love that Film Noir photograph. A wonderful self-portrait. Stay safe.

  5. Great art, love the white lines on your last one.

  6. Luv luv Abstract One
    Happy Friday


  7. Hi Monica :) I love your Film Noir piece! It's very dramatic and a little mysterious, so it fits perfectly! Yes Ingrid was a great Film Noir actor! She was so pretty too. I love your abstracts, #1 especially, the spots of blue and green are really nice. We're in a deep freeze right now...20's...my bones can't handle it!

  8. Love film noir movies as well as Ingrid Bergman! Nice take on the theme. Wonderful art abstract art as well. Happy PPF!

  9. So that makes all the sense in the world ... it was cheap but good! Noir has never been my favorite, but I have to admit I love your self portrait in Yellowstone Park. Awesome how you developed your Abstract Happening and I do agree the white lines just seem to reach out and grab the viewer. Very cool, Miss Monica ... Good for you :) Stay safe ... any word on when you will get a vaccine shot?

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  10. Loving the self portrait! THe abstract pieces are very eye catching. Happy PPF

  11. Your take on Film Noir is very moody, indeed, and wonderfully mysterious.

  12. Nice art.
    Hope you enjoy the snow.. :)


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