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Thursday, December 17, 2020

Lipstick lady and abstract class

 Click image to enlarge!
Lipstick Lady 1

Lipstick Lady 2

Well, this is for Rains "portrait" obviously. This IS ME! I painted with my lips and lipstick, So, it is a portrait of ME. The top one is the first I made. Worked quite well with the eyes. The second one was harder. When you try to create the same form/shape with the lips you fail. And trying to do it in a "correct" position was not easy either. But never mind. It was a fun thing to do.

I received a free class from artist Ania Witwitzka in Creative painting and this is my first work inspired from that.
 First Layer on a photopaper 10x16cm

Christmas Star
Fifth layer and finished of with a glittery star glued on it.

This is a Christmas card I received a couple of days ago from my daughter and granddaughter.
My granddaughter bought it in Queensland before she was able to come back to Sweden. 
I share it because I was so impressed with it as soon as I studied it closely. The card is 15x15 cm. And it is not painted, it is Paper Filigree art.  The height of the rolled paper is maybe 1 mm, I can´t even measure it. I made a closeup in the corner for you to see. 
I have never seen anything like this before!

© NF Photo 201217

Yesterday we had a bit of sunshine! And it created headlines in the news. First hours of sunlight in December! Today it is back to grey again. With the clouds on the ground!
I wish for some SNOW.

Take care!

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  1. I love the lipstick lady. Congrats on the free class. Always nice to learn, especially when it is free. The filigree art, isn't it amazing.

  2. Interesting to see your filigree art and the lipstick lady, I like her :)

  3. Great, fanciful with lipstick the drawing her self-portrait, mainly you enjoyed it.
    So beautiful with the poinsettia and the many layers
    Fascinating this beautiful paper art on the card of your daughter!
    Have a good christmas time, hugs Elke

  4. What a fun way to create a face, such a clever way to put marks on paper. I am very drawn to that filigree bird, so much detail in every curl of the paper, so special to have received it from your Daughter & Grandaughter.
    Happy TAD Tracey xx

  5. I was so amazed and impressed that you created these two faces with lipstick. I can see it once you tell me, but I was truly impressed. Nice that you got a free class and learned a lot in it, too. Of course, that filigree reminds me of quill work. It is amazing, too.

  6. Love your Christmas star creation, great colours and textures. Anesha

  7. Fun lipstick lady art. My favorite is the Christmas star today. Thanks for sharing the bird card as well. Such intricate details! Happy PPF!

  8. Well, you have luscious lips, my friend and they served you well in making your portrait. So five layers later you have something that looks like a cross between Christmas and the 4th of July ... unique and fun and a very interesting technique. And, all of that for free ... Yea!!! You do have fun in your life :) I have seen filigree before and it is indeed beautiful and baffling how anyone could do it. That said, the card is gorgeous and your daughter and granddaughter have demonstrated great good taste in their art choices. Lovely, Monica ... You are staying safe, I am sure ... and I hope you are well and will be able to enjoy a peaceful Christmas :)

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  9. The bird is my favourite today

    much love...

  10. Lovely art work, and the card is fabulous, it's like fine quilled work.

  11. What a happy post full of color, I hope you get your snow, but I myself want more sunshine lol

  12. Your self portrait in lipstick is so creative, you really got the eyes!!! Your Christmas Star is beautiful too Monica! :)

  13. The lipstick art made me smile and I do like that beautiful bird card.
    Sending my good wishes and Happy Seasonal Greetings :)

    All the best Jan


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