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Thursday, December 10, 2020

Canvas collection, Cubism and the C

 Click image to enlarge!

This is my Workstation/study nowadays! 

Rains theme Cubism!
 Not my favorite really!  Looking through my art I found the "lady" below. Think it might classify as cubism. 

Then I played around in PS. 
Not my best work all time but at least it is colorful and quite fun. I pretend it is partly a Cubism. 😇
It is created with a backgrund bokeh photo. Added a few shapes and a little drawing on a small Wacom tablet I have. 

I think I will call it "Whatever!"  Cubism? I guess it depends on what you think. 😎
Also photoshop, photos, shapes. 

This was a tricky challenge. Demanding me to think opposite in some way. Hard as I am too much a photographer.

I am not sure if I have shared this one. I found it in my files and I really like the colors. 
© NF Photo 201210

Swedish Corona update!
I heard, in a comment, that the US thinks Sweden is in Lockdown. We are not. There are laws in Sweden that makes it impossible to lockdown the country. But that might change. Laws are being prepared! 
Our situation right now is this: Since a calm summer with only few Corona cases it is now increasing and due to a "second wave" we have raised restrictions. So far we are still lower then we were in May. There are three areas where the Covid spreads rapidly. It is Stockholm and Uppsala. And also in the south part of Sweden which was almost spared in the spring. I guess they thought they were safe, but you are never safe when it comes to corona. 

But so far I am free to do whatever I want as long as I am careful. But as I am mostly in the forest that is no problem. I just miss going to the Library. They are closed. 

I and my family are all safe.  I, my sister and brother will all stay at our respective homes during the upcoming holidays. My daughter and her family lives in the countryside and will also be at their home during the holiday. But we will connect in FB and on internet. That is a great thing!

Take care everyone, better safe then sorry!

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  1. Great creative work is all with the theme of rain. I don't quite see whether it is so or not, but it is a great idea with the cat.
    Nice to see your study
    It is good that you and your family are fine and that you are safe.
    Take care and stay safe!
    Hug Elke

  2. Monica,

    The important thing is to have fun with your creativity. Anything that resembles abstract art causes me to struggle. Nicely done, my dear! Have a joyful Christmas season, dearie!

  3. Great image collection. Your art area is perfect and your cubism is wonderful. Have a very nice day Monica.

  4. Lovely take on cubism thanks for sharing

  5. I think these are all great. I also had trouble with this prompt, but I thought you created some real beauties.

    Glad you are not on lockdown, but are safe and staying home for the holidays.

  6. Love your take on cubism! Nice variety of art projects. Happy PPF!

  7. I love your cubism pieces and "Whatever" is my favourite!!! The collage is really nice, I love your black and whites. I know, it was challenging, and what was I thinking with that theme lol...but we all rose to the challenge! :) I'm glad to hear you are in the forest a lot! That's pretty much where I am when I go out. I'm not interested in being in the cities and towns. We are free to move around here in New Brunswick but masks are mandatory and thankfully the people here are taking things seriously.

  8. By the way, I LOVED seeing your workshop!!! :)

  9. Your workshop looks very busy and it is obvious that you spend a lot of time in it and on art. Your cubism is varied and beautiful and, of course, you know I would love the kitty :) I am glad you are not in lockdown ... perhaps that is not a good term. We are in "stay at home" mode if at all possible, but one does have to shop for groceries and thus, at risk. I am glad you are doing the right things to stay safe, hard as it is to be separate from family and friends during the holidays. In time, my friend and hopefully we will all be here to witness the end to this nightmare. Wonderful post, Monica ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  10. What lovely art! I could lose myself in those pictures.

  11. You have wonderful workstation. I really love it, there are much interesting things.


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