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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Exhibition Jungle and ice

 Click image to enlarge!
In the jungle!
Acrylic on water color paper A4

My exhibition in the library. My paintings and my sisters dolls.

This is my sisters work. The doll to the left is my sister and the one beside her in the coat is me.
My sister designed and sew the cloths and hairstyle we actually had at that time in our lives. This is the first time I could convince her to share them on the exhibition. And, people loves all of them. 😄

Flowers frozen in ice
 For Rains Jagged and Ice. The ice is the same, the difference is the light and position. 
© NF Photo 200116 


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  1. I love your ice piece Monica! So pretty, and thanks for showing two perspectives! How fun that you have your own exhibit! Your sister's work is fabulous!

  2. The one with the frozen ice under the tap is fabulous and your abstract picture! The doll collection is so pretty from her sister and great to have your own exhibition!
    I wish you a good week, Elke

  3. Lovely ice flowers and your sister's work is lovely too. The acrylic jungle piece is colourful.

  4. Love your acrylic Monica, really colourful. Congratulations on another exhibition too. I can see why your sister's dolls would be so admired, they've been kept in such good condition.
    I've been fascinated seeing your ice flowers on instagram - your imagination and inventiveness is wonderful. Happy PPF :D)

  5. Congratulations on your exhibition. Love the frozen flowers.

  6. Really wonderful exhibition! Love the last frozen photo. Happy PPF!

  7. Lovely work again today. Luv the dolls
    Happy PPF


  8. My favourite is the ice piece. Lovely dolls, those outfits must be very fiddly to make.

  9. Oh, I am glad you put in a close up of your sisters Barbie Doll clothes ... they are awesome and cool that they are the two of you back in the day :) I see you are already experimenting with new ways to do your new acrylic technic ... very cool. I love the colors. Your flowers frozen in ice are beautifully done ... Perfect for Rain's Ice prompt. Well done, Monica ... :)

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  10. Ohhh your display looks amazing and the dolls are fabulous! Your sister can really sew. Your art piece with all of the jewel colors is so pretty. Well done. Love the frozen flowers too. Have a great weekend.

  11. The ice creations are so beautifully creative!! Love your exhibition, too! Happy PPF!

  12. Congrats on the exhibit. Looks wonderful!

  13. Hola, Mónica. Imagino después de ver tanto arte y creatividad en esta Exposición, que ha debido de ser un éxito.
    ¡Enhorabuena!, y aunque todo es muy bonito, me gustaría destacar esa sinfonía de colores del acrílico, y esa originalidad del hielo.

    1. translation: Hello Monica. I imagine after seeing so much art and creativity in this Exhibition, which must have been a success.
      Congratulations !, and although everything is very beautiful, I would like to highlight that symphony of acrylic colors, and that originality of ice.

      Thanks Manuel :)


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