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Friday, January 24, 2020

Digital and a dream

 Click image to enlarge!
 Angel wings
Digital. Created from 2 images in photoshop. A nightview of a town in Costa Rica and the wings comes from an angel figurine I have.

 Landscape in Costa Rica
A little bit manipulated in Topaz and Photoshop

A dream
Tempera on Watercolor paper. A4

A few days ago I had a dream that surprised me completely. "Normally" when I dream I have to struggle to get our of it. You know, that kind of "failure" dreams. This dream was different. Nothing really happened more then the image shares. But it was a soft and warm dream so this time I struggled to continue the dream.The "souls" was softer then I managed to do. They did not touch. I tried to visualize the mood. One on paper, the little one is a canvas.

© NF Photo 200124


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  1. these are extraordinary beautiful pictures.digitally edited! The dream, yes, some things you dream and it remains so that you can paint it. It is not easy when the soul speaks in image form Some pictures that I paint are also such earlier dreams, what it means I know today!
    hugs Elke

  2. The light around your Angel really adds extra magic but i'm won over by how you manipulated that Landscape, striking colours. Happy PPF Tracey x

  3. Monica I've had a similar dream to the one you drew on paper...very similar and I too tried to get back to sleep and dream more of it to no avail. I LOVE your landscape piece!!

  4. fantastic art- that first piece is especially amazing! Happy PPF!

  5. I am really inspired by your beautiful art Monica. They're wonderful. Happy PPF!

  6. I always love seeing the things you share with us, so thank you! Happy PPF!

  7. Very cool art today! I love the Costa Rica landscape.

  8. The first one fantastic, your dream art speaks, and the Costa Rica one, OMG that is just stunning.

  9. Buenas noches, Mónica. Nunca dejas de sorprenderme con ese don que tienes, de creatividad y buen gusto, en todo lo que haces.
    Una maravilla.

    1. översatt: You never stop surprising me with that gift you have, of creativity and good taste, in everything you do.

      Thanks Manuel :)

  10. Monica,

    I love the angel wings glow photoart - beautiful job!

    Glow #art

  11. Lov them all. Have a nice weekend Monica


  12. Unique and eye-catching! I especially like the bright green in the second one. I came here from Rain's site.

  13. Hi Monica, this artwork is definitely GLOWING. It's just beautiful!


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