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Friday, July 6, 2018

Wild Nature

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Wild Nature
© NF Photo 180706 

I still have not got the paint I ordered. So....working with digital painting to get used do the different pencils. Thought I would start with something easy. Turned out it´s not that easy after all. :( I still have to learn about all kinds of pencils and dry and wet colors.

Well, I guess, what ever I learn I can use it in all different techniques. Digital and paper/canvas. And my hand is slowly improving. I can draw longer curves now  :)

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  1. ooh, this is so pretty- I love the reflection!

  2. Monica, I really like this. It is mysterious, quite lovely.

  3. I love this - so peaceful and still. Digital creating is harder than it looks (I have dabbled a little and found it a bit awkward!) Happy PPF from Number 16 :D

  4. A great piece of Digital art, enjoy those pencils and learning new techniques and have fun along your creative journey.
    Creative wishes Tracey

  5. WOW! You do a LOT with digital painting! :D Love this.


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