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Thursday, August 10, 2023


 Click image to enlarge!
A blue Journal from one of my favourite destinations. 
 Blues for OMM   and Journal for AJJ "where-in-world"
Long tailed tit 
The sweetest little face, ever.  💖
My photo processed in Topaz software for FFO

Kingfisher for FFO
It´s got a looong beak. 

I finish off with a painting!
The land of Copper
Painting on A4 watercolor paper. Decorated with sand and lichen

All of the above for TADD

It is raining and raining in Sweden. Some places has got a lot of flooding. 
Norway also have the same problems. 

Some places even had mudslides destroying railroads and houses. 
I wish the rain would stop. 

© NF Photo 230810


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  1. Wonderful blues I especially like the King Fisher...great job.

  2. Luv them all. Happy Thursday Monica


  3. Some fabulous work here, Monica.

  4. The long tailed tit is adorable. It is raining here today. My electricity went off long enough to wake me up too early.

  5. Wow these are fabulous. I really love the birds. Have a great day today.

  6. I love your blue pieces, Monica! Beautiful birds and beautiful Iceland! Enjoy your weekend!

  7. wonderful this blue iceland, love it and also the birds with the digital treatment and fabulous the copper country!
    Happy weekend, hug Elke

  8. Sorry I'm late visiting. Hoping to be more punctual now the clean up is over. Beautiful kingfisher. Never saw one in person.

    Iceland is amazing. LOVE your photos of it. thanks for sharing it with us at AJJ using Chris's theme.

  9. I love your Journal page and I love even more your digitalized bird photos ... The land of Copper seems to be blowing in the wind. Interesting effect and I love the color of copper (a metal that is so scarce now that people are stealing it and selling it on the black market for huge amounts of money). Don't ask me how I know that ... no I don't steal copper, but I have read about it.

    Andrea @ From the Sol


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