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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Unknown door

 Click image to enlarge!
Do you dare walk trough?? 

Step out....

..into the forest

First image is one of my photos that I worked on digitally!
Last one is a landscape painted with ink. (worked at the arthall´s open shop this week) 
Middle image is a combination of the two. 

It is HOT over here today, will be tomorrow too :(  
In many parts of Europe there are fires burning. So I hope tomorrow is the last day of heat where I live. There are already warnings of fire alert. 

Take care everyone. There are fires in many places. 

© NF Photo 220720


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  1. I love your painting with inks, so sorry about the fires-that's always scary stay safe

  2. Ohh Monica I love this door to the unknown. Your painting is so bright and summery. Stay cool over there.

  3. That's a great way to show a door. I like how you showed it opening up Monica. And that's a beautiful forest view we finally get to see once the door is wide open. Have a great rest of your week and thanks so much for joining us for Wendy's challenge at Art Journal Journey. hugs-Erika

  4. I like how you combined your photo and your art in the middle one -- very cool!

  5. These are wonderful Monica. I love how you incorporated the door you created for Wendy's theme at Art Journal Journey. It's inspiring. I really love the inks, too. What a fun combination. Have a great TADD and rest of the weekend.

  6. This is gorgeous, Monica. You inspire me!

  7. I love looking through your photos! The macro shots were my favourites today. I love those doors and I love the scene we are invited to enter . Enjoy your weekend, Chrisx

  8. That is an awesome series ... I would love to step out into the forest (but not today, as it is very hot here as well). Fingers crossed that people heed your warning about fires ... it is so dry and it would take nothing to start a major burn. Here we are fighting to save our giant Sequoia (Red Wood) Trees from a raging fire in California. So sad and scary and yet there are those who refuse to believe that the climate change is happening. Stay in and stay cool, Monica :)

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  9. This is a wonderful journal with that meaning I love your art
    Hugs -Elke

  10. I would certainly walk through the door to look at that lovely forest. Beautiful ink painting!


  11. I dare, I dare!!! And so happy I did to see the lovely forest!! ☺♥ I hope you're safe and the fires don't come anywhere near you Monica.


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