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Thursday, February 10, 2022

Thursday art

 Click image to enlarge!
For TAD over at Christine who is guesthosting

A queen for Tag Tuesday

Out of anger!
This one happened because of the one that chickened out. 
Acrylics and glitter color on A3 watercolorpaper. 

The Exhibition!
The "Black wall" is up. This is the final step for the exhibition. 

This will stay for this week and the next. 
After that I think I am done with this. Insta and blogging will have to do. 
Strange, but I am not young anymore! 😊

© NF Photo 220209

Take care everyone. Restrictions is lifted so "back o normal". Not sure I like it!

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  1. I still think it is great you have this exhibit. I love the idea you had the white phase and now the black. And I had to laugh at your comment about strange, not being young anymore. And very cool royal tag. I like the shine. Hope life is ok with no restrictions. I'm a little worried as they start to lift here also. Hugs-Erika

  2. Monica,

    WOW, your work is on exhibition! That's so cool, my friend. Your art is beautifully unique! Restrictions are beginning to lift here in the states and like you I'm not sure about it but it will be nice if this truly is the end of the virus mess. *fingers cross, say a little prayer* Have a doodletastic day!

  3. Best Wishes with your exhibition Monica
    Happy Thursday

    much love...

  4. How wonderful to have an exhibition of your work!

  5. Wonderful exhibition snd beautiful pieces for the challenges today!

  6. Love the beautiful tag. Well done.

    By EAGHL

  7. Fabulous monochrome display, you must be so proud Monica.
    Happy PPF Tracey x

  8. Wonderful art projects for the blog challenges. Your exhibit looks great and so do you! happy PPF!

  9. Yes... I enjoyed your exhibition. Thank you for sharing.

  10. A super Tag.
    Thank you so much for playing along with my theme at Tag Tuesday.
    Your display of all your artwork is awesome.

  11. You are such an amazingly talented artist Monica! How cool does your exhibition look. I know that feeling, no longer full of beans myself but what great memories of your work you must have. I absolutely love your tag today. Thanks so much for joining us at Tag Tuesday.

  12. such beautiful art and so exciting to see your exhibit! thanks for linking to tag tuesday! xo


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