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Thursday, January 13, 2022

Fire in the dark

 Click image to enlarge!
Horse on Fire

Fire master Ninja 

TAD is on fire today so I share my grandchildren: My granddaughter is riding a Horse on Fire.
 My grandon is mastering the fire as a Ninja! Both images are collages and photoshop art.

Whats new for me is to create this Journal-like page, using photo, paper, stencils and paint. 
Fun, but difficult. 

Alien rainbow!
Watercolor paper A3, Coffe and coffee filter

Fluid and plastic folie used for this one. Watercolor paper A3

Spooky darkness or Scream or....

What the heck, sorry about that. But this one is weird. I took the plastic folie and dried it off on a wooden plate, 19x19cm, I have. This is the result. 
I see faces everywhere in this one. And every time I look it is different. Spooky! But some of you guys love that so I guess you might like this too. 

The eye!
Rain asked me last week what I drew the snowman with. Here is another piece, it is charcoal and chalk. 
A while ago I found among my mothers things a set of charcoals. She used to do some paintings with it when she was young. They almost looks like new and was probably bought as Household coals. There are 4 of them in different gradations. 

© NF Photo 220113 


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  1. OMGosh these are all so gorgeous.

  2. Nice ones. Fire master ninja. My favourite
    Happy Thursday

    Much love...

  3. Your fire images are spectacular!

  4. You have some wonderful art in this post Monica. I wouldn't be able to pick out just one if you asked me. Thanks for sharing all these beauties with us at Try It On Tuesday.You definitely have some new ideas. Hugs-Erika

  5. Fabulous art this week, Monica, they are all good! Happy weekend, Valerie

  6. Nice, and moody art works. I much prefer your journal page of the horse for Try It On Tuesday rather than the one on fire! Happy PPF!

  7. Wow ... I like all of these :)

    All the best Jan

  8. Such fabulous images! Your journal page looks beautiful 😁. Thanks so much for joining in the fun at Try it on Tuesday! Hugs Jo x

  9. Thank you for sharing your beautiful art with us at Try it on Tuesdays.

  10. Wow...THE EYE is just gorgeous! Don't you love charcoal? I love that medium. And yes, I do love your spooky faces, that's a very cool piece Monica! Love your horses too! :)


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