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Thursday, December 16, 2021

Xmas is coming

 Click image to enlarge!


A Christmas TAG for Tag Tuesday. Paint and stickers on a tag.

For TAD´s promt "Christmas today" my santa wears a mask. Guess you know why? Photowork and filters.

A CD -world
I made a fluid art on a small CD record. Using tempera colors. The yellow "frame" is only the plastic folie I put below it to capture overflowing colors. But I was careful not to let the color overflow so the yellow tone comes from the lamp. 

Autumn background
Tempera/acrylics on A3 watercolorpaper

Autumn leaves!
Dried leaves glued on the above background. I picked the leaves when they had this lace-like look. Flattened them on paper, with a weight  on to keep them flat and dried them.
Now I should really need a frame to avoid bending them. 

Digtally altered Amaryllis, 

Covid has messed up again. Many will have problems with Christmas celebrations. 
Myself I already met my family last week so I am fine. 
Take care everyone

© NF Photo 211216


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  1. Beautiful artwork Monica and your tag for my theme is just adorable! Thanks so much for taking time to share with us at Tag Tuesday.

  2. Hi Monica! I really like your CD art today, I see A LOT of animal faces in the paint!!!

  3. I love seeing Santa in a mask. A thoughtful guy and a sign of the times.

  4. Really beautiful set of artwork. The CD-world is so dynamic and the leaves are so delicate.


  5. Fabulous art Monica! Thanks so much for linking your pretty tag to Tag Tuesday, much appreciated! Happy PPF, Valerie

  6. wonderful art, and I love your cute Christmas tag! Glad you were able to see some family. Happy PPF!

  7. Lovely artworks! The tag is so pretty! The fluid abstract art is stunning! The autumn leaves look very attractive.

  8. Really nice art Monica. I love the leaves.

  9. I like your fluid art on a cd, it's really outside the box, the leaves too...

  10. Very nice art.
    We are hoping to spend time with family over Christmas.
    Merry Christmas Wishes.

    All the best Jan

  11. wonderful tag! thank you for linking to tag tuesday! xo


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