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Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Happy New Year

 Click image to enlarge!
The challenge for Tag Tuesday this time is, yes, Time and clocks

For TAD: My favorite scenes from Santas Workshop. (Disney!)

Winter over abandoned barn.

The Leap!
Background fingerpainting with acrylics and tempera and tape used to create it. 
The deer is a sticker you can put on windows. So, right now it is placed on my window.  
A4 paper

Golden Motion
Tempera and acrylics on 20x20 canvas. 

© NF Photo 211228

I hope everyone is fine and fit to celebrate a New Year which we all hope will see the end of Covid. 
Take care, we are not out of the woods yet!
And be careful with fireworks. It is beautiful but animals, and I, dont like the sound of them. 

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  1. gorgeous art! thank you for linking to tag tuesday. xo

  2. Lovely pieces for the challenges!

  3. Beautiful post. Tanks for joining us at Tag Tuesday. happy PPF and Happy new Year! Valerie

  4. I especially love the deer as it leaps into 2022. Happy PPF and best wishes for the New Year Monica may it bring good tidings to you and the family.
    Hugs Tracey x

  5. The clock is meaningful on New Year's Eve and it ticks on into 2022 in hopes of bringing better times for all of us. Your photo edit of the old barn is superb, the deer leaping my daughter would love. It is colorful and artistic and your Golden Motion is just that ... motion. I can see it moving in all four corners and throughout and, of course, I see faces and even a lion in the midst. Love your art ... admire your creativity :) I did get your list and I thank you for it :) Happy New Year, my friend ... fingers crossed we see some improvements :<

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  6. Happy New year Monica. I love seeing these pieces. I particulary like the abandoned barn. Cool building and photo too!

  7. Golden Motion is beautiful! And I love your Time and Clocks piece!!! Happy New Year!


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