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Thursday, October 7, 2021

Alien s play around

 Click image to enlarge!

Alien worlds! 
My alien world is mostly a waterworld. For TAD his week.

As my sister is still sick I have spet this week visiting doctors, hospitals and pharmacy. And shopping for her. But I still wanted to have some fun with art. When we buy food these days they are often placed in this kind of black Food tray´s. I cleaned one just to have some fun with it. As I already had the blue color on my "workstation" I took that and a little of green and yellow. You see it below. 

The light!
Painted with acrylic on the tray 14x22 cm

Before I painted The light! I arranged some fake nails on the tray. 
I bet you know what it is! So I will not write it down. 
🦓 😁

Last of fall! Maple Seeds, Wings or Noses a´la Pinocchio. 
We have a saying that goes aprox: Dear child has many names. 
As a child we used to open the seed side and then put it on our noses. 
Digitally altered photo!

Take care everyone!

© NF Photo 211007


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  1. Hi Monica! ☺ I absolutely love your The Light! It's really great! And your alien worlds are very cool!! Zebra? Very creative!!! I hope your sister feels better soon.

  2. Monica,

    Alien Worlds are dark and scary, aren't they? Your designs remind me of the film "Alien". Talk about scary. I remember the first time I saw that movie. It gave me the creeps really bad. :)

    Curious as a Cathy

  3. Wow Monica! This are is fabulous. Each piece has your creativity on it. Have a great day.

  4. That blue is gorgeous. I think I would like a waterworld. Hope your sister is better soon. Elle/EOTC xx

  5. Sorry about your sister, hope she gets better soon.
    Lovely alien art and the other pieces are beautiful too.

  6. Some great art, I don't know how you think of them, you have a great imagination.

  7. Lots of fun art today, you had some great ideas! Happy PPF, Valerie

  8. The Light is gorgeous. What a great idea to repurpose those trays as “canvas”!

  9. I love "The Light" ... it is truly gorgeous. Your aliens are left to the imagination and as you know, I can see many things is such paintings. I laughed at your Pinocchio noses ... I had never seen or heard of kids putting the seed pods on their noses LOL! Very fun and funny ... I bet the kids were giggling the whole time. It is starting to get cool here, especially at night. I don't look forward to the long cold winters, but Izzi (my dog) loves the snow, so we can at least enjoy that. Sorry about your sister. Hope she is well soon ... Take care, Monica and stay safe.

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  10. how clever and creative you are! Love the fake nail art:):) And the blue painted scenes do look a bit scary/mysterious. Hope your sister feels better real soon. Happy PPF!

  11. Hi, Monica! I hope that you've been having a good week. I really like your watery alien world and light. The maple seed are lovely. The nail diorama is cute. You can make art out of anything, my friend! Take care!

  12. I'm glad you found time to play even though taking care of your Sister, I understand myself how important it is to still remember oneself when more of our time is spent with others. Best wishes to your Sister.
    Your Alien art work is such fun, colour swirls and making use of those trays, the nail art is a very clever use of both materials.
    Happy PPF take care Tracey x


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