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Thursday, May 20, 2021

Some different things

 Click image to enlarge!
Sunset candies for TAD
I think I have shared them before and I still have them. :) 

Fluid flower
 painted on a disposable plate
Acrylic color flow over a baking tin

Light bulb woman or Butterfly lady?   
Your choise!
The light bulb on my roof lamp broke. I was about to throw it to recycling when I thought to have some fun with it. First I painted the face with acrylic color. It sits on napkin holders. 
I fetched my flashlight and turned of the roof light. 
And, voila! I have a butterfly lady. 

Birch canopy in spring!
PS edit from photo

© NF Photo 190520

I hope everyone is fine. I will get my second vaccine next week. 
My problem right now is the pollen. It has been raining a lot, and chilly, and the pollen stayed on the trees. Then the sun dried it all up and the wind blow the pollen around. I dusted my car three times yesterday to be able to see through the windows. My black jacket changed color to something dusty! And my eyes are sore. 😭

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  1. the night owl moth in the shape of a lightbulb Pure fantasy! the colorful peanut candies fit and the flower mandala is exciting, and the birch sky is great too!
    have a good day, hug Elke

  2. Monica,

    The candy inside the clam shell is nice. It sure makes a pretty picture. I've seen images painted on lightbulbs and thought how cool is that but haven't tried myself. Do you use paint markers? Very interesting idea.

    Curious as a Cathy

    1. No, I used a pencil with rather think tempera colors.

  3. Here your candy would be called Peanut M&M's, but if they were here, they would never make it to the shell, if you get my gist :) Your liquid flower is gorgeous and Butterfly Lady is a hoot ... would never have thought of using a light bulb in my art, but then I am not as creative as you. I especially love the Birch Canopy ... green is my favorite color and this is very rich green art. Yes, pollen is taking its toll here as well, though you can't see it ... it is just in the air and before you know it your eyes are itching and your nose is running and sneezing. It has been a particularly bad year for allergies already ... ugh! I hate to think what it will be like through the rest of the summer.
    I am glad you are on your way to being fully vaccinated. It really is a relief, even though I still wear a mask because there is no way of knowing who has and who hasn't been vaccinated. They say you can still contract it though it would be a mild case, but you can pass it on. I don't know if we will ever achieve "Herd Immunity" here. Too much misinformation being passed around which scares people and then they refuse to get vaccinated. I don't understand the world we live in ... there was a time when people would do the right thing to benefit everyone ... not so anymore. So, stay well ... enjoyed your art today :)

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  4. Lovely pieces, the candy looks colourful and yummy!

  5. Wonderful photo art Monica. Have a great day.

  6. I always love your amazing photos, Monica. Your coated peanuts decorate the shell beautifully, but they would be gone in no time if they were at my home. Thanks for these absolutely amazing pieces you created today.

  7. love that green in the birch canopy - lightbulb art! well that's imaginative - and of course Rain's theme this week is really inspiring and makes me want to go out and buy something sugary :)

  8. Fantastisc art, Monica. 👏👏👏 The colours are wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

    Have a wonderful Weekend.

  9. Such wonderful and creative pieces! The birch canopy is striking! Happy PPF!

  10. You are so creative with your mediums Monica...a lightbulb lady, how fun is that!!!


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