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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Cookies, wood and other things

 Click image to enlarge!
A coot for Mosaic Monday

Gingerbread cookies

Raspberry jam cookie and juniper wood pieces placed on a slate!  
Cookies for Rains tad. 

Juniper wood pieces and aspen leaves
Andrea wanted to know what the Juniper wood pieces looked like as my dad created them.
So, Andrea, these are for you 

Sticky Tack Lady, found on a small plastic mug with a lid on it. 
Not sure why I put it there.  😕
Placed on the same slate as the wood above. Strange, I did not see it until two days ago. 

Stepping stone
Gravel plate, PS edited. 

Finally a mute swan in the Blues!
Photo manipulation

© NF Photo 210513

If you visit my other blog you already know I am quite disturbed to what they do to our forest.
It is HERE if you want to see. 
The post above that one shows how the City comes to life again. 
I´m healthy and it seems like restrictions will be lifted a bit soon. 

Take care everyone!

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  1. Monica,

    The gingerbread cookies created a funny face. :) I love the effect of the blue swan. Nice contributions!

    Curious as a Cathy

  2. You always post such interesting things. I love it all. Have a nice day.

  3. These are all great things in the photo, the cookies are imaginative in the face and also the pieces of wood from your father!
    The mosaic is fabulous like the other. This sticker looks like a lady ..
    with the forest doesn't sound good and it's great that everything will be opened again soon for you.
    I wish you a good day, hug Elke

  4. The raspberry cookies look good, but the gingerbread cookies had me laughing. Wonderful representation. I absolutely LOVE these including your photo manipulations, Monica,

  5. Beautiful and fun pieces. I really love the last one. Anesha x

  6. Some great photo manipulation and art. I love the decaying aspen leaves.

  7. Ooo, beautiful work - I especially like the Swan!

  8. Your Coot looks like he is smiling, but I am guessing he is sad as I just read your tree clearing story, ugh! A gingerbread face and a Raspberry Jam cookie face ... LOL you do have fun. Your Juniper wood pieces seem to have a face or two as well. Thank you for posting the juniper wood pieces. Love the stepping stone and the Mute Swan. Oh my you have been busy :) Great post this week, Monica :) Refresh my memory, you did get your vaccine shots, right?

    Andrea @ From the Sol'

  9. These are so interesting. I love how the Raspberry jam cookies look just like the wood pieces. Amazing.


  10. Monica - what an eclectic collection of art this week! The mosaic with the coot is so clever, but you really grabbed my eyes and imagination with the mute swan. Gorgeous! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  11. I love your photos today and pretty mosaics. The one with the aspen leaves is my fav!

  12. Fun mosiacs. Happy Monday. I am at #17 on the linky today


  13. Your stepping stone is beautiful Monica! And I love that gingerbread piece, made me smile!! :)


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