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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Mistakes good and bad

 Click image to enlarge!
This is a small one 20x20cm that I did not like and tried to "fix" but the colors dried and messed up. Finally I got tired and skratched the canvas with my nails. That´s how this happened. Colors a bit enhanced in Photoshop.

Flow and blow
Colors on black LP blown away with a straw. Was rather pleased with it.

But then I happened to move it and the colors ran wild. But I have to say I like it. It looks like colorful flames to me :) This is what it looks dried. Except for the blue circle, That is PS.

Not sure how this will end :(
© NF Photo 190201

I was trying to follow a video tutorial on YouTube. A 10 minute nature scene. And the artist was done with trees and all. This is what I made in 30 min. :( It is much to dark, the colors dried too quickly and did not "flow" as was shown in the video. The teachers often forget that newbies don't know how the colors work. His paint was soft and fluid. Mine isn´t. They forget to tell you the thickness of the paint. They also forget we don´t have the experience of painting even the simplest landscape. We have to think and figure out. An artist with years of experience just do it with their spinal cord. :)
And, how much paint do they have on their brushes? It seem to be enough for the entire painting sometimes. They paint and paint and there are still color in the brush? Using magic??

Well, I have not given up yet. It has to be brighter. I have to paint white over it and then I see what it looks like.
 If you wonder, I have worked as a teacher too, but in an other area.

Hope you guys have a great Friday and weekend. We have a lot of snow now. Not good for long walks.

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  1. These are lovely pieces. I find it hard to watch tutorials. I like to get stuck in.

  2. I love how your paintings turned out with all the colors. Blessings, Janet

  3. great art projects! I really love that second flame like one - very cool!

  4. I adore your paintings--and heehee, the one you did with your fingernails pleases my eyes. I love your blow and flow paintings, too.

  5. I quite like how the scratch marks came out, and love your rainbow pieces too! Happy PPF!

  6. I actually really like the first one

  7. Your work is so dramatic Monica...it's always exciting to see what you'll come uo with next! Love the scratchy effect and the flames are excellent. Happy PPF xx

  8. Those burst of colour certainly do look like fire, as if each colour represents a different temperature. Quite beautiful.. Your scratch piece looks very industrial and would make a great background for a mixed media project.
    Looking forward to seeing what becomes of your monochrome canvas..
    Happy PPF Tracey x

  9. I like flame at second drawing. excellent.
    have a great day

  10. Aunque la segunda y tercera te han quedado preciosos, con esas bellas combinaciones de colores. La primera, no desmerece a las otras, por su creatividad y originalidad.
    Saludos, Mónica.

  11. Hello, beautiful art and images. I love the color on the Flow and Blow and the Flames. Well done! Enjoy your day, have a great weekend ahead.


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