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Friday, March 9, 2018

Frozen flowers II

 Click image to enlarge!
Frozen christmas cactus flowers in a plastic cup

Taken out and photographed
© NF PhotoArt 131026

180309 Why and how to freeze flowers?
 The first, still in the glass bowl

 turned upside down

Reflections in the bath tub, I can fix it but want to share it here
© NF PhotoArt 180309

 Deep Freeze II-1
 Deep Freeze II-2
The last two my choise for today
© NF PhotoArt 180309

Several people asked me last week why I, in the first place, froze the flowers at all. Somehow because this is a hidden world most people never see. A pity as it is a very beautiful world.

The first 2 images are from 131026 when my cactus was full of flowers. Just a small cup filled with water and frozen with the flowers in it. The major problem is to get the flowers not to float! Today my major problem was to avoid the reflection from the window when i  put the ice in my bathtub.
Todays flowers I think is scilla and wood anemone.

The new images of the ice I shared last week are from today. They were frozen in a bowl for making pie. When you take the ice out you have to be fairly quick as it is melting rapidly. Especially when in the water. The ice cracks at the first contact with water. I´m not a painter, at least not yet,  but I think a good painter artstis could get inspired from this.

I made a quick GOOGLing on "frozen flowers exibition" and got a lot of gorgeous pieces of frozen art. It looks a bit like the flowers are enclosed in glass. Just they don´t last very long.

Hope you liked it

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  1. I like them, and thanks for answering at least my question. Now I have to search for frozen art to see more of it.

  2. Something to ponder- the flowers frozen in time... I think I'll try it with my favorite red poppy when they bloom. Thanks for sharing and happy PPF!

  3. Interesting concept. Very creative.

  4. Luv where your muse took you Monica

    I have tried making herbal ice cubes.but never too it to the level of inspiration and art.


  5. I love it!!!!! This is a great idea for photo shoot. Something to think about for my photo club. Thank you.

  6. Very cool. I used to make frozen fruit and flower bowls for parties, and I just loved how all the pieces looked in the ice. So much texture! Happy PPF!

  7. What a gorgeous and interesting process! I plan on sharing this with my daughter! Pretty sure she'll find it fascinating too!

    Peace Giggles

  8. It's certainly icy enough around here for me! Thoughtful idea.

  9. I love your banner! Reminds me of John Williams' book Butcher's Crossing. Thank you for linking at FB <3


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