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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Talking Forest, a new mural in town

 Click image to enlarge!

Today I share not only my own take on this mural but also the work of Henrietta Kozica who has painted this 78m long mural and made my town a bit more beautiful.

At this point the mural is not finished and Henrietta Kozica is still painting. 
© NF Photo 171024 

Opening of the artwork "Talking Forest" in Katrineholm by the artist Henrietta  Kozica
© NF Photo 171027

The opening on Katrineholms Kuriren our local newspaper. The mural is 78 m long and took almost three weeks to complete. 

My "StreetArt" Created from the spilled paint and autumn leaves on the asphalt.
© NF PhotoArt 171102

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  1. Henrietta Kozica did a fabulous job painting that mural and you did a great digital interpretation with your leaves and paint droppings. Simply wonderful.

  2. Henrietta's mural is so very exciting. The colours stand out and will certainly add to the beauty of the streetscape.
    I also love your creative treatment of the paint and leaves Monica. Great art all round! Happy PPF!

  3. Lovely mural thanks gor sharing. Your photo art leaves are delightful. Happy PPF Monica


  4. such a gorgeous mural-thanks for sharing. Great take on it by manipulation of the leaves and painted asphalt! Happy PPF!

  5. Wow that mural is lovely. Thank you for sharing it. Your art is beautiful. I love the feel it brings to me.

  6. Thanks for the walk, and a beautiful street art interpretation. Happy PPF!

  7. that mural is really great.
    wonderful street art!!!
    Happy weekend

  8. I love murals! These are gorgeous and memorable. Thanks for sharing, and here are MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOTS

  9. Love that vivid mural. I wish we had more murals to enhance plain concrete walls.
    My Saturday Snapshot post features music on water drums.

  10. Wonderful mural! The "street at" was very clever.


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