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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Evening and scallop

 Click image to enlarge!
Evening in Varanger
For Rains promt this week, digital edit.

For quite some time I wanted to try something with this scallop. 
4 days ago I gathered my unused oil colors and a pink paper I had. I did not want too much oil on my pencils as I knew it is very differnt from acrylics, so I decided to fingerpaint it. 

Scallop in Oil on A4 pink paper
After several days this piece is still not dry. Guess that was the end of my oil adventure! 

Masked face!
When I walked in my destroyed forest yesterday I found this mask hanging on a twig. I brought it home to throw it away but decided to have some fun with it. 
 I guess you can call this "mixed media". 

Finally the Corona makes shopping harder. I wanted to buy Watercolor paper but found none. It is gone from the shops and noone knows when it might be available again. I still have lots of other papers but they can´t be used for aquarelle/watercolor. So for now I only have a few sheets left for watercolor. And, two small canvases I can use. 

So, for now I have colored paper and the photographic paper to work on. And the computer!
I´ll manage. 

For you who followed me on Instagram I have to tell you I am out of there now. 
I had an app that allowed me to post from my computer. But it got 
wrong somehow and started to shot me out. I had to prove my id and change pw more times then I want to. Now I could not even do that. So, my IG time is over. 
But I am  still here in blogland!

Take care everyone!

© NF Photo 210408


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  1. Very nice your picture of Evening in Varanger and the shell, funny with the mask.
    I'm glad I bought some.
    I wish you beautiful designs and experiments!Hug Elke

  2. Wow that is a great picture of the night. Looks like you are having fune with the other art. Have a nice day

  3. Happy Thursday Monica


  4. Great art pieces. Have a great day. Anesha

  5. Love your "evening" art! I am not a fan of oil paints- they do take forever to dry.
    Sorry to hear about your IG trouble. I can't believe there isn't a fix for it- I never heard of anyone with this serious a problem! So I'll just see you here - for now;) Happy PPF!

  6. Lovely art, love the mask face fun. have a great weekend.

  7. Can you buy water color paper on line. Here in the states we are buying everything we can on line to avoid, as much as possible, going into stores. I love your digital edit and laughed when you finger painted your scallop. So your picture isn't dry yet, but are your fingers not colored anymore? Anyway, the scallop turned out quite good, so as an artist, it is worth it, right? Your mask face is a hoot, but I would worry about handling a mask that I didn't know the source of ... hope it is okay. The problem you have had on Instagram, I have had as well and with other site that I regularly visit. It is frustrating, especially when they won't accept the actual password. It is very frustrating like everything else in the crazy world today. Hope you do get your shot and are on your way to some level of safety. Stay well, Monica ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  8. Great makes, they are super, sorry to hear its difficult to find papers, Happy PPF on Saturday, Hazel xx


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